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Purchase condoms from RFSU and Durex in Sweden.  Purchase condoms from RFSU and Durex in Denmark.
Purchase condoms from RFSU and Durex in Finland.

Nordic Condom Provider

Kondomkungen is an experienced provider of condoms in the Nordic area. We have been selling condoms for quite some time now (2004) and have thousands of happy and returning customers. Focus currently rely on Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Poland (new). If you live outside the nordic area please use our EU site Condom to buy your online condoms.

Although focus is the nordic market, we do deliver to all countries within the European Union (and outside upon request). If you live outside the nordic area, please make your purchase on any available site and make your payment with Paypal. We charge nothing for delivery, even if you live in Germany, Switzerland or Spain (for instance)!

The condoms

We only sell the best quality condoms and provide the following brands (click on the brand name to learn more). The brands are devided into nordic and non-nordic brands.

Nordic brands:

  • RFSU, huge in Sweden and Norway.
  • Kung-Fu, chinese condom tested and approved for the European market.
  • Worlds Best, huge in Denmark, currently expanding through the nordic area much thanks to the Internet market.
  • Sultan, nowadays a RFSU company, huge in Finland with a 30% market share.

Non-Nordic brands:

  • Durex, world known, not so big in the Nordic area as in USA and Great Britain.
  • Pasante, relatively new (2005). Mainly competing with Durex in Great Britain.
  • Billy Boy, huge in Germany, rather known now in Sweden thanks to Kondomkungen.
  • SOFT, 4th in France. One of the best known brands in Sweden except RFSU and Durex. The brand was founded in 1989, which means it is over 15 years old.
  • Pleasure Plus from Globlal Protection Cort. USA. The first condom in the world with an enhancing pouch. Now available to the nordic area via Kondomkungen.

Kondomkungen provide SOFT condoms.  Kondomkungen provide RFSU condoms.  Kondomkungen provide Rilaco condoms.  Kondomkungen provide Durex condoms.  Kondomkungen provide Worlds Best condoms.  Kondomkungen provide Kung-Fu condoms. Kondomkungen provide Sultan condoms. And more...

The online condom provider Kondomkungenź is a swedish trademark founded in 2004.

Condom News in Sweden

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